Monday, June 27, 2016

How to inspire people like Jesse Williams.

First of all. Wow. What a speech

When you a voice speak out for what you believe in.
Recognize that you are part of something much bigger. 

He recognizes his privileges and thanks the people who made it possible to  become who he is today.

He speaks out for the people who have been silenced.
Acknowledging the hard working people that made this possible.

When you have a stage, don't make it about yourself but use it to promote what you want to see more of in the world. 

Point to some real problems that you want to raise awareness about and that you want to get rid in the world. Use some actual news that you want to use as example. 

Point out the possibilities of change and create a call to action. 

Make the urgency of the matters clear. It's about NOW. 

Finish with a one-liner or slogan that is emotionally strong and easy to remember. 

So what do you want to see changing in the world?
Because you can create a change by speaking out.
By speaking out for what you stand and also for what you don't stand.
What is it that you will not take? That you cannot take any longer? 
Because you have the means to speak out.
But we use it mostly to entertain others instead to educate others.
And we all have a lot to learn and keep learning. 
So we can create a better future....