Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Demi Lovato's naked marketing strategy.

Demi Lovato announced her new single "Body say" with topless cover art.
She also announced that she will randomly perform new singles throughout her new tour "Future Now".

With her plan laid bare we can see how this could be a excellent marketing strategy.

Performing random new singles in her tour makes sure fans light want to go to more then one concert of her. You never new when you might hear a new single so you have to go to every concert if you want to"catch them all".

Spreading the singles instead of one tour with mostly all the new singles makes the fans not spend all their excitement at once.

A burst of excitement can rise quickly and drops quickly too.
Slowly building up hype and excitement is therefore more effective in sometimes.

Start early in the development state with announcing what you are doing and let people join you on the adventure that leads to the final product.

This makes people feel that they are a part of the process, that they contributed along the way.
They become invested in the project.

Those fans also make more mouth to mouth advertisement because they want to share that journey with others.

By the time the final product is done many more people are ready to buy the product and you will have more fans.

Have a great day.