Friday, July 1, 2016

Feeling down or depressed? The solution may be less complicated than you think.

We all have moments of feeling down or depressed.

Maybe we try to think about would have caused it and try to come up with a logical reason why it happened.

Maybe we think back to our childhood and look for something that may have caused it.

We think about what it means and what it tells about ourselves and what it means for our future.
Maybe we think about how other people perceive us and what our self-worth is.

Could it be something neurological maybe or something genetic even?

All those questions can arise when we are feeling down or depressed yet the solution can be easier than you think sometimes.

The way we use our body influences how we feel.
The way we sit, stand and walk all changes how we feel.

How much have you walked outside lately?

Walking stimulates our brain often much more than all those brain exercises and games.
Too much sitting down makes our body less active.

Sunlight influences our biorhythm.
Too little natural light can make us feel down.
Too much (and/or bright) light from screens late in the evening can make us sleep less well.

Just taking care of basic human needs like enough light, exercise and water can change a lot.

We all know that the body exists out of 60% water and that we need to drink a lot of water.
Seriously, I don't think experts agree on how much exactly but simply drinking more water daily could make you feel much better in your day.

Having more meaningful social interactions could improve your mood too.
We all need human interaction to stay healthy. We are social creatures.
Communication trough social media and smartphone doesn't replace meeting people face to face.

Another, what overlooked, way to feel better it to focus on making other people feel better.

Try them out and maybe you could feel even better than ever before with just a few simple habits to add in your life.

Enjoy and have a great day.