Monday, July 4, 2016

Are Hooters corrupting the scouts boys?

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Imagine sending your 7-year-old to the scouts camp as you always do and at the end of the day you see that he is surrounded by Hooters. Hooters with more covering clothes, but still.

This was not what you had in mind for your 7-year-old.

That was what a mother of a 7-year-old boy in Denver experienced. She was outraged.

If it was the father I could understand that more. I would be a little bit jealous too maybe. *laughs*

Well, both the parents were outraged to be correct.

Does it corrupt kids to be exposed to some sexy ladies?

Maybe they might become more aware of their sexuality and are becoming more curious about sexuality.

We have seen through history that restricting curiosity about sexuality and trying to remove and condemn every impulse that could cause arousal causes unnecessary mental and biological stress that could even lead to physical and mental illness.

In the middle ages they thought these mental illnesses were possessions.
It led to witch hunts and killing many innocent people.

So, it doesn't seem a good idea to punish natural biological processes to me.

What does seem helpful is teaching kids how to deal with these new emotions and to learn that these are all natural and give them a place.

Let's get rid of the unhealthy shame culture and get back to a more wholesome approach to guide the development of our youngsters and our society by extension because in the end these parents were just concerned about their kid and we all are concerned about the youngsters because they represent the future of our society.