Saturday, July 30, 2016

This adorable cat has to hunt for food.

This cat has to "hunt" to get some food. 

We used to hunt for food too, we used to walk for miles and outrun animals to get some meat.
This seems to be the first method of hunting for us humans. 

Walking and running is an essential part of our physical and mental health.
It improves our mood and memory. 

Now most of the physical exercise we use to do is replaced by exercises in a gym. 
Te difference between the gym and the exercise outside the gym is that it is uneven, unregular.
Running happens in the gym on a flat band, outside the terrain is uneven in many places.
You can run on asphalt or a somewhat flat road but it is healthier to run on an uneven terrain. 

Unregularity and randomness keep us sharp and healthy.
Everything that is too regular can make our health more fragile.

Have a great unregular day.