Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Too much gratitude can kill you.

Thank God!

The first response you get when something gets fixed that seems very important to you.

We should be grateful it gets fixed and that they are willing to help us.

But sometimes the problem was caused by the people who are now offering the a cost of course. Nothing is for free.

Oh and you can't have what we originally agreed on but you get something that on the surface seems to offer the same but is, in fact, nothing like it at all.

But hey, be grateful you get what we offer you.

We are going to stab you but be happy we are not going to stab you in the stomach.

We are going to screw you over but trust us we had no choice, just be grateful we didn't take everything you have.

Be grateful we didn't take all your data.

Be grateful we don't control all your money.
Be grateful we don't do it more often.
Be grateful we kept that information from you, you couldn't handle it anyway.

Be grateful we f*cked things up so bad there had to come change that is eventually good.

Well, guess what. The curtains up. The show is over. We aren't gonna take it anymore.

Time's up!

Support the organisations that demand change:

Anonymous (which doesn't seem to be an organisation according to one of them)

To keep to the internet free and for all of us there is:

To lend money to people who need it there is Kiva.
Browse categories of borrowers— people looking to grow businesses, go to school, switch to clean energy and more.

Support minorities in need. #Blacklivesmatter.

Be a voice for those suppressed and silenced.
Let use our privilege to help those less privileged.

Support artists that create change. 

What do you stand for? What will you not stand for?
What organisations are important and are missing in the list here. Let us know.

We are not powerless!

Have a great day.