Monday, January 25, 2016

All kinds of love.

So many love songs and so many definitions of love.
What borders are there on our concept of love? 
Where does it stop? 

Not so long ago there was a article about Louisiana: "Louisiana Upholds Ban On Oral Sex, While Necrophilia Remains Legal".

It seems that laws about sex and love aren't that easy. Some laws aren't revised for decades until some taboo seems to be broken and people get upset.

In a time where norms and concepts change faster and faster we could easily be trapped in a slippery slope fallacy. 

In earlier times the kind of romantic love that we know of now didn't even exists or was forbidden.
Marriages were arranged and were for political reasons. Research have shown nevertheless that people in arranged marriages are quite often more happier then those out of free will. 

Now LGBT people seem to have most of the challenges concerning marriage. 
People ask themselves if children raised in same-sex marriages could be missing crucial parts of their education and development. 

Now there is this article "New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research." that concludes : "The articles by Marks and Regnerus have completely changed the playing field for debates about homosexual parents, "gay families," and same-sex "marriage." The myths that children of homosexual parents are "no different" from other children and suffer "no harm" from being raised by homosexual parents have been shattered forever. "
With flashing titles for scientific research and bold claims as conclusions I suspect that the debate is hot as can be and I suspect that is not yet over. 

I don't think that raising children should be seen in such a black and white way and put a number on from 1 to 10 in efficiency to be honest. 

And as a friend mentioned to me on facebook, the people that fund a research can influence the results of the research, or as he responded to the New study mentioned above: "American Christian group funds the study and you get what kind of results? "

Transgender people have some difficult challenges too. 

I remember people telling me that homosexuality was unnatural, you know the kind of people I am talking about, but there is quite a list of homosexual animals out there when you want to counter that argument: List of animals displaying homosexual behavior.

You would think that with this diversity it couldn't get more complicated .. but it does.

There is still a lively discussion about porn and if it is damaging to the brain for instance. 

Young people in Japan date less and less while virtual relationships rises. 

This makes me think of a scene out the matrix where a program expressed his love for its daughter. 

And that is the question that will change how we think about love. With AI being more and more effective and sex robots being made will how we think about relations change too? 

It seems like our definitions of what a relationship are and of what love is, is changing over time. 

We can only wonder in what wonderful and strange directions love will take us.