Friday, January 22, 2016

Hidden Heroes of everyday life.

Every day we use things that we take for granted. Every day we can go about doing our business without interruption we count on things being in place and working.

In order to have things that we take for granted, there are people working day and night.

Traffic, electricity, some safety.
We only think about the work behind it when things don't go as planned or as they are absent.
When there is a sudden change.

Rules and regulations that are in place so that we have a civilisation.

All the people that work so that we can have a "normal" day. Those are the Heroes of Normal.

In order to have stability, there are changes that have to be constantly made.
In order to achieve homeostasis, the body is constant making changes.

Let's take this even a step further...back.

The items we use have a history.

In order to have a glass there first had to be the art of glass making.
There were people that came up with the design.
There had to be people that are paid (I hope) to do the work.
Now there are machines that do a lot of the work.
Those machines needed to be invented. A science a mechanics is needed for this.

You notice at once how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Everything has a history and everything supports on something that already was in place.

When we look at the form of something we can see history.
When we look at somebody we see the result of decades of evolution. We see the results of interplay of genetics and circumstances from the person and the family that that person comes from.

Some decisions in life, that become a part of lifestyle can have a genetic impact over generations.
This is called Epigenetics.

You see the impact of the lifestyle and habits in a person,
True, you may not notice it always consciously.

This realisation can help us see the beautiful complexity of life and appreciate what there was in place for us so we can have some stability and go about our days.

Thanks Heroes of Normal.