Saturday, January 9, 2016

The power of getting things done.

It's something I have a lot of trouble with.
Starting a project is easy but persisting until it’s finished is the hard part.

Overcoming the challenges of getting a project done can be quite demanding.
Often it is because we want to be too perfectionistic.

Perfectionism is the enemy of finished work.

If you want to start something allow it to be messy and get feedback as soon as possible.

Always go for prototypes!
Look at your work as a prototype and get it out there.
This allows you to have a lot of feedback.
Use the feedback to make a version 0.2.
Improve along the way.

Remember when you were busy on something on your computer and Facebook was on another tab?
What happened when you saw a number appear on that tab? How long did it take for you to look what's going on on Facebook?

Remember that time when that one website said: "Your profile is almost finished."?
What was your first reaction or impulse when you saw that?

This is called the Zeigarnik Effect.

We can use this effect to our benefit and set up our planning and work space.

Completing something also motivates us to do another task.
So dividing task in to smaller tasks motivates us to continue.

So divide and conquer!