Friday, January 8, 2016

Magick and self-expresion - part 01 - Intuition.

What kind of magick do you practise?

Wicca, Chaos, left hand, right hand, handstand? What mythology do you use Greek/Roman, Viking, Celtic, Skeptic?

So many direction to follow and so many ways to combine. It seems like cooking sometimes.
The best cooks have a really strong intuition and personal vision of what they want and how to get there.

Hell, every artist in his field that is doing great work has a strong personal vision, strong intuition and a personal mission. A person that leads in his field and drives it to improve can be seen as an artist too. That person brings innovation to that field of work. Always ready to take the next leap. Standing on the edge.

Intuitions are not always correct as you know but intuition from experts are very accurate.
Intuition is a physical response to a stimulus that lets the person know that there is something significant. It's a pattern that you recognize only by experience. The information can be so small that other should dismiss it. Because you have seen this pattern many times conscious or subconscious that neuropathway is so strong now that it takes almost no time for the information to travel.

That's important because strong intuitions let you react fast and automatically when in danger.
That's how we survived when we lived with dangerous animals.

A military flight control watcher was brought before the council and asked why he fired missiles to an unidentified plane. He answered: "The dot behaved strangely on the map."
All that he had to make a decision were blinking dots on a screen and the time to know if a plane is hostile or not was very limited. The dot was close behind a friendly identified plane on the map. What to do?
He recognised the behavior of the dot on the map as hostile and fired. He was right in the end, the plane was hostile.

The decision he made was not made on a single hunch but on years of experience observing these patterns.

We all make decisions with intuition from time to time. More than we think.
In fact. All decisions are made unconscious. Our consciousness is a general rapport of what happened after the facts and how to fit it in our model of the world.

Artists learn to act with less and less delay upon that intuition, to be more and more in tune with it. And when you are experienced, learn to trust on it.

There are many things that we got experienced in trough te course of evolution.
Many patterns we spot subconsciously and act upon automatically.

Some people are afraid of those automatic responses. Maybe they looked too much into Freud.

What would happen when you let go of trying to correct or judge what your subconscious wants to show you?

What if your Holy Guardian Angel was shouting all along? Your most natural self. Forget how High your Highest self is. Get in the Flow.