Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Can we now get MAD , please?

As if every part of reporting needs to be done with silk gloves on.

I agree that we don't need some raging madmen to put fear into contestants in every competition on tv just so we can get a hardon from seeing people getting emotionally broken.

I find it disgusting when journalists try to interrupt politicians all the time and try to get the politician to say what they want. That's not a debate nor good conversation at all. Stop it.

Just try to be political correct. By  the time you know what that entails it has already shifted again.

Not every argument needs to have a nice counter balance so you what you say can go both ways. That's the same as saying nothing. That's creating confusion and confusion is good for people who don't want you to know what they are really doing.

It seems like we aren't allowed to react upset anymore when something happens. Like it's immature. When you get angry you must be childish.

Outrage is something else imo. Outrage is not very helpful, it spends our energy and attention is such a short time that we get desensitised for other important information. We get so emotional that we forget sometimes why exactly we were outraged. It creates mental blindspots.

Getting mad on the other hand is necessary from time to time so we don't get desensitised to injustice.
People in power count on it that others will just let it pass and forget it after a while. It blends into the confusion.

Before everything fades into some grey noise of confusion let's get mad when information is being deliberately made to confuse and bore people.

I am talking especially about laws, privacy laws, laws about  personal information gathering and sharing. Laws about warfare were the language is so altered that every possible word in the document has two meanings: How a regular person would define it and how the American department of intelligence and defence defines it. In that way, everything can be explained away and justified.

Give me some Charlie Brooker and John Oliver to shake me up anytime. Why not put some Penn Jillette in the mix too?

Let's get rid of this post-modernism "bleak circus" (video here) as Warren Ellis called it, where "nothing matters" anyway. Even if all change is temporary, sometimes they  ramp up.

Let's start meaningful conversations, let's create meaningful changes.

Let's start today.