Sunday, December 13, 2015

Art thoo dit 2 ?

Being a vegetarian is a big missed steak! 
Sometimes you see something in the corner of  your eyes and sometimes it's gone away.
Shadows that shift and slip away. 

Perceptions are lucid and some day you see it my way. 

It seems so that we think and explain things that are unfinished our way. 

So what does it mean to scramble the signal? Erase the structure that held it all before?

23 everywhere.

 Eris dances to the upbeat tempo of my swag and slack.
One minor mistake written in the Death Note and it could be not your birthday.

I think what I want to say is:
It can fast go it to the mist.
A place where neuro networks need to assist.
Alter images of fate.
Pinch the pink unicorn in the butt.
Although that might hurt a lot.

It is necessary for re readjustment and recalibration.
Change the tune of the song and dance to a different vibration.

So much noise to saturation.

Close to peak-minded, narrow blood vessels. head exploding tactics these days.

This the art of not being that is being under attack. Man must be always be man, so they say.

"WHO ARE YOU ?" asked the caterpillar.

Let me go and let's go to lalaland.
Drawing reimaginations of the future in the