Sunday, December 13, 2015

DaVoid - Part 01


Da, the Buddhist word for the world as it is not as we perceive it. 

The world before we attach meaning to it.

It is the first utterance of a baby, it has no meaning. 

It just is.

Void, there is no spirit and matter, the two are one and the same. 
The two is none. Two is zero.

All that is, is divided below the void, below the abyss and in an divide space is created.
It is the space that gives it, its function.
It is the space that creates an opening for a door, a cup to fill.
It is divides and spaces that create meaning. 
Division creates difference and spaces create context.
Division between background and foreground, black and white, these allow for letters and numbers.
Spaces between letters and numbers these allow for words.
Much more can be said about this.
Spaces between words can create sentences.

Sentences like ..

‘’Hi, I am DaVoid. Welcome to the Intro(vert). ‘’

In the beginning....
There was only God. There was nothing but God and because there was nothing outside of God
God could only look into itself. The first introvert.
In that moment Wisdom was born and with it Understanding.
The Crown, Wisdom and Understanding reflected and created Strength, Mercy and Beauty.
Strength, Mercy and beauty reflected again losing even more of its purity in to Splendor and Victory.
Two Cities and two ways to the Fundament. The fundament to Malkuth, The Kingdom.
Thy Kingdom ! Thy kingdom come !
A new day is on the horizon. The horizon is orange almost red hot . Burning. Burning bright. 

Brighter and brighter until…

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