Monday, December 14, 2015

Lucifer rising

Lucifer rising. Red sun dawning. The sea turns to blood. Fairy tales awake mankind goes to bed.

All is said. The fat Buddha is fed. Two flies in one clap . Baal Zebub.

Cherub with wings covering his mouth.

Enter the tomb here in. Pyramid of light. Second sight. Eye of Horus. Hear us. Lord of light descend upon us.

Face the trials. Liars. The sphinx and the riddle. Don’t fiddle. Kindle.

Burn your sacrifice. Break the ties. Undo yourself. Undress yourself. Make love on Eros bed. Aphrodite jealous. Whore Babalon. Accept all. Be right back. Ecstasy explodes and erects.

Pan. All-begetter, All expander, Alexander, Great triumphant. Pi never ending. A in awe of all energy. Nun. Neither. None. Death. Duality. All is here. All will end.

That that is. The great mist. Ships on sea blinded. Mermaids singing your name. Stay awake !

Sefas. The rock. I will sent. The dove. Noah. Transcend. Stay in my covenant.

Pete. Something to hold on to. Stepmother means ‘ I wed’ .

Cradle softly rocking. Moses drifting on the Nile. Cry for Osiris. Two found at the stream. The end.

New moon. New beginning. Calendar reset. The era of the child. Eaon of confusion. Unrest.

Music and dance. Snakes swirling. Dangers of the mind. Illumination. No ego. All Pride.

Tales told and retold. Roots that wrap around each other. Branches of the Great Mother.

The Tree, The snake, Lover, Brothers, Down to Malkuth we descend. Crawling back up. Unite and mend.

Kavod, A fire send. Sandals off. Sancta terra. Presents of the divine with us.

Eternal spark. Creativity. Dreams and Aspirations.

Toth. Hermes. Words. Math. Magic. Rite.

Write !

Mundus Patet ! Sesam open !

Lysergic acid diethylamide. Mushrooms. The Chariot. Ezekiel’s vision.

Just a bit tipsy. Realities blend. Quantum physics. Pick your maya. Welcome in Indra’s net.

Welcome to the matrix Mr Anderson. A man and a woman but it needs more Paprika.

Inception. Down to Wonderland.

Sleepwalking. Among Gods.

Ascend !

Prometheus rise ! Promethea Rise !

More Moore, much more Moore please.

I am an Idea ! And ideas can’t die.

(see I am)