Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's left if nothing is right ?

It seems to me that grammar needs to be just so and not a letter more.
To be right about the topic but  wrong in spelling is to ask people to hit you according to some.
Just as they seem to look at the letter of the law but forget what it was used for.
To serve the people and not to be a burden.

To forget what science is for and let science be a bore.
To drill a hole in your head and let others advice sink in.
They seem to forget the hole in the heart they left.

Empty stories before going to bed.
Children in fear.
Tears that flood the chamber.

Drowned in what others say we should be and should say.
Science shifts from day to day.

Learn E-Prime.
Learn to say things without absolutes , without saying "me" or "mine".

What if you read Finnegans Wake and find fault there in?
Is James Joyce a bad writer or is Salvador Dali a bad painter?

Is that a black spot on your wall or a hole to look in ?
A Black hole to sink in.

Is shouting help in italic such a sin?
Will nobody come ?
Will everybody but you be wrong?

So what ?
How lonely the place you dwell in!

(pic: Please help me - KunstRitter )