Sunday, December 13, 2015


Confucius come closer circle around circular logic programmed in Nuit ohm shortcircuit dominant structures collapse of the enterprise of falsehood, the dark brotherhood. YHVH. Shattered shards. Frustration and confusion into the inner sanctum leads to corridors of Silent Gods right to the rites of initiation.

Welcome to the first page of some called Magi.

Illuminati trial for retribution of contribution denied. Sight. Blight. They cast you out. Who is at fault? Error 404 Error not found. Sound. The Bell. Vast solid wooden doors open. Church of Dagon Enter Beliel. Baal found my foundation. Winter is coming. Sinister solace. Prime minister. Sint Nikolaas. Enter no man's sky Ra. Spring and Rites of Eleusis. Come .Come. Summer radiates.

Things unknown.

A newborn Sings.

These are the codes of the matrix. The matriarchal cradle rocking.
Pop art hardcore topping.
Sex magick seductive sucking.

Queen Elizabeth. Queen Jezebel.
Dual  processing core.

Ho ho ho.
Sacrifice for summer. Blood must flow.

Oh oh oh.
Little Red Riding Ho.
Run to your grandma.
Evil laughs in shadows .
Leaping towards you.
Look back behind you.
Shadows surround you.

Flames that reach the sky.
Feast for the nation.

Lackey or Loki ?
Nobody knows.
It's Tupsy Turvy day.
Ask Coplin the way.
The way to astray.
To be fooled to find the fools way.

To fall and be The Fallen
To be hanged and be The Damned.
To drown and suffocate again.

May my words fall where they may. 
Dewdrops as bombs make dusty ground ...


(pic: Evanescent Intellect - Wizards of the coast - Dan Scott)