Monday, December 28, 2015

You are listening to too much advice.

We are surrounded by so much advice about everything.
From health to financial advice.

There are so many top 10 tips. Top 20 tips that it comes out your ears and you are listening to it because you want to improve in whatever you are doing.

Maybe we need some more advice that we learned from Richard Branson or from Steve jobs.
Need some more tips and tricks from " The experts"?

How much did it help you? It probably helped you somewhere. I don't argue that.
What I do argue is that you aren't becoming one of the experts by listening to experts.

Why ?

Because experts didn't go to every fricking top 10 or top 20 tips and tricks from other experts.
They had a challenge before them and were in a specific situation that drove them to learn the skills to go forwards in their life.

They made most probably more mistakes then most have tried.

It's a process of tinkering over time rather than trying to find one big secret! 

The first step is to get busy and just learn along the way.
Most experts learned how to deal with feedback in the best way and utilized it to their advantage.

Knowing what is valuable feedback and what is not is very important.
Adjusting as fast as possible is a second.

Experts have a vision of what they want to achieve.
They want to improve the field in wich they operate, no matter what that field is.

Even when you have just one single task to do, look at how you can make that task into a artform.
In other words, look into how to improve it. Push it too the limits. Work smarter.

So it is about pushing your vision in to the world and the more you do that the more you will notice that you don't have the necesary tools at hand or not the ideal tools to do so.

So you have to become creative and push what you think is possible.
First say that you can do the job and then see how you can do the job.
It will get you in to trouble but the right kind of trouble where you can learn a lot.

Getting yourselve into situations where you will need to learn and push yourselve.

What do you want to put in this world?
What are you willing to sacrifice in order to get it into the world ?

Extra - Doing a Disney

I here want to give you what is called the Walt Disney Process.
It is valuable in whatever you want to excel in.
There were always 3 steps Walt Disney went trough in a specific order to come up with brilliant animations and every step was done in a different room:

The Dreamer : First begin to spout a lot of crazy ideas of how to accomplish something. Don't judge any of your ideas.

You could see the BIG panels that were drawn here and the WIDE open room where it was discussed and the team was dreaming and thinking out loud.

The Realist: Begin to think of how to realize and actualise the ideas. Be specific. Think what exactly you need to do to accomplish those ideas.

This was done in a medium sized room.

The Critic: Be your own worst critic and begin to sift trough whats's left. Put the presure and expectations higher then ever. Shoot holes in your own ideas. See what survives.

You could see how the men were looking at very small picures and specific frames in a very SMALL room. Here the team stood very slosely togheter and close to the process board. It was also called the sweat room.

Now, you don't need to have different rooms to do this process. Just remember to stop , take a breath and break away from the previous mood and mode of thinking before going to the next.. that's what the effect of different rooms was. It seperated the mood and atmosphere. We think, feel and remeber context dependent.

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